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Hot Water Heater Repair

Planet Plumbing & Drain offers hot water heater repair services in Boulder, Longmont, and Denver metro areas.

If your water heater begins functioning improperly, do not hesitate to call Planet Plumbing & Drain, your local water heater repair experts. When your water heater acts up, you need to address the problems promptly, to prevent bigger problems that could end up with you needing a new water heater.

Water heaters are available in several brands and models, and Planet Plumbing is proficient in repairing and make or model of water heater.

Signs You Need a Water Heater Repair

  • Black or rusty water.
  • Low amounts of hot water.
  • Leaks.
  • Odors.
  • Too hot water.

Water Heater Maintenance

Most people take for granted that a water heater always works, so it can be easy to overlook proper water heater maintenance. Water heater maintenance includes consistent draining, cleaning and annual inspections particularly before and after the cold winter months. Regular and proper maintenance of your water heater ensures its efficiency and longevity by preventing issues that develop from lack of maintenance.

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Water Heater Leak Repair

If you have been experiencing low water pressure in your water heater, chances are there is a leak, and you are in need of water heater leak repair. Problems caused by a leaking water heater are twofold. One, it makes the hot water heater tank go out of water. Two, it can also cause damage to any nearby appliances, faucets, or pipes. Many times the hot water heater is installed next to a furnace, clothes washer or dryers.

A leaky water heater needs immediate attention. Planet Plumbing & Drain has licensed, experienced water heater repair plumbers with the latest equipment, that will fix your water heater correctly and efficiently.

We ensure the following when we repair a leaky water heater:

  • Healthier water
  • Durability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety

Our water heater technicians will assess the condition of the leaking water heater and try to repair it using high quality materials and parts. By using the latest equipment and techniques, we make certain that the leaky water heater is completely repaired. Our water heater repair plumbers will test it and approve its working condition only after they are 100 percent satisfied. The comfort and safety of our customers is our first priority.

Gas & Electric Water Heater Repair

Water heaters are fired by gas or electricity. The difference between the two is how the water is heated, via electrical resistance coils or natural gas. Electric water heaters are more energy efficient than gas water heaters, but the electricty costs can still make a gas water heater less expensive to run.

Planet Plumbing’s gas and electric water heater plumbers are professional and skilled in gas and electric water heater repair.

Water Heater Repair Cost

Water heaters can need repair or replacement due to various causes such as leaks, debris buildup, or mechanical malfunctions.

Specific water heater repair costs vary depending on the nature of the water heater damage, in addition to the type of water heater you have. Nevertheless, regardless of what type of water heater repairs you need, rest assured that Planet Plumbing can help.

To receive a free inspection and estimate for your water heater repair, contact us today.

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