sewer water line excavation

Sewer & Water Line Excavation

When your sewer or water line needs replacement, Planet Plumbing offers an effective, reliable, affordable, and licensed sewer and water line  plumbing excavation options and solutions.

Sewer Line Excavation

In the case of sewer lines, if sewer pipe cleaning efforts are not effective, a sewer line excavation and replacement is performed. This can require the replacement of just a section of the pipe, or the entire sewer line.

With the sewer excavation method, the old sewer line is excavated with by with shovels or digging machinery depending on how deep the line is underground. Once the sewer pipe is accessible, the sewer line or problem sections are removed. The new sewer line is installed, properly graded. A sewer pipe replacement can take only one day to several days depending on the complexity of the project.

  • Sewer Pipe Excavation
  • Residential & Commercial Sewer Line Excavation

Water Line Excavation

Water line replacement may be necessary if you purchased a new property, are expanding the property, or repairs are not working or cost-effective. Since 1997, we have helped Boulder, Longmont and Denver homeowners with water line replacements.

With over 20 years in water line replacement, we know that different buildings have different needs, and we understand how to include water usage needs, terrain, and soil composition when replacing a water line. As a result, we can install a new water line that will perform how you want it to, and avoid future problems by placing water lines away from trees and other potential hazards.

  • Water Pipe Excavation
  • Residential & Commercial Water Line Excavation

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sewer water line excavation

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