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Garbage Disposals Boulder CO

Planet Plumbing & Drain performs complete garbage disposal repair, installation, and replacement services in Boulder, Longmont, Broomfield, and Denver metro areas.

Gargage Disposal Installation

We install all types of garbage disposals from light residential models to heavy commercial food service garbage disposals.

If your garbage disposal is jammed, making strange noises, or malfunctioning in any other way, turn it off and give Planet Plumbing a call today! We will save you aggravation, time, and money.

Garbage Disposal Repair

We repair all types of garbage disposals from light residential models to heavy commercial food service garbage disposals.

Garbage disposal repairs are not an uncommon occurrence. Even with good maintenance practices, undercutter disks can get jammed, hoses and seals begin to leak, or the impeller wears out.

If your garbage disposal is not working properly, give us a call and we will inspect your garbage disposal, inform you what the problem is, and fix it for you today!

Call Planet Plumbing & Drain today at (303) 440-4330 to schedule your Garbage Disposal service, or Schedule Online.

Garbage Disposal Care

A sink garbage disposal makes it convenient and easy to clean up and dispose of your food waste in your home. To get long lasting use of your garbage disposal, a homeowner need to treat it properly.

  • Always use cold water when you are running the garbage disposal
  • Do not overfill your garbage disposal with food
  • Do not put abrasive fluids like bleach, drain cleaners, or other chemicals in the garbage disposal
  • Don’t put things like coffee grounds, overly fibrous materials like artichokes or corn husks, glass, metal, or rubber in the disposal
  • Always run water before and after using your garbage disposal

Garbage Disposal Tips

A simple and effective way to clean your garbage disposal is by filling the disposal with ice cubes and a cup of rock salt, and then run the disposal for 5-10 seconds. A good way to deodorize your garbage disposal is by running warm water while grinding a lemon with warm water.

Ecological Benefits

The managing and disposal of food waste globally is a major issue. There is no single solution to solve the problem. However, there are two food waste problems that simply using a garbage disposal can help with. One, it helps keep food waste out of landfills, which may help decrease methane emissions from decomposing food waste. Two, decomposing food creates leachate, which is an acidic liquid residue that can contaminate ground water.

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Planet Plumbing & Drain is a Colorado based company and has been serving Boulder, Broomfield, Weld, Denver, Adams, Arapahoe, Douglas, and Jefferson counties since 1997! We are open 7 days a week!

Every one of our plumbing technicians is experienced and trained in complete garbage disposal repair and replacement services. No overtime fees and free estimates. There is no charge for on-site estimates when needed.

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