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Boulder Sewer Line Cleaning

Planet Plumbing & Drain offers Sewer Cleaning services to residential and commercial customers in Boulder, Longmont and Denver metro areas.

If you have a sewer line cog that will not go away, it is time to get it removed professionally. This will require using clog removing drain snakes or augers by a licensed plumber. Drain snakes and augers can remove stubborn blockages quickly. Planet Plumbing’s forte is sewer line cleaning, and are plumbers are specialists in using this technology to free your sewer line from clogs.

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Sewer Snake

A sewer snake is equipment that is designed to grab and remove small objects or blast through softer clogs. The technology is a cable that reels out down into the sewer pipe with a corkscrew end to catch and pull debris out, or push through a clog. A sewer snake is smaller than an auger, it is handheld and designed to be used on smaller pipes.

Type of clogs cleared with sewer snakes

  • Dishwashers
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Bathtubs and showers
  • Washing machines
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Sewer Auger

A sewer auger performs a sewer line cleaning in a similar way as a sewer snake. However, sewer augers are more suitable for larger tough clogs, and clogs that are deeper in the sewer pipe. An auger is a powerful piece of machinery that requires experience to operate properly and safely. You should hire a licensed plumber if a sewer pipe clog requires the use of an auger.

Sewer Auger Features

  • Longer cable length
  • Cutting blades
  • Motorized
  • Clear blockages from home to main sewer line

Sewer Cleanout

Property owners should know if you have a sewer cleanout and where it is located. A clogged sewer line is never an enjoyable experience for the homeowner. The job of cleaning out an obstruction in a sewer line is more efficient and faster if there is a “cleanout” installed on the sewer pipe. A cleanout is a vertical pipe with a removable cap that is connected to the sewer line. When the cap is removed, the sewer line can be accessed from this point with sewer line cleaning equipment. Usually the sewer cleanout is located outside, so the sewer line cleaning can be performed outside of your home.

If you have a cleanout, make sure you know where it is located. If you do not have a cleanout, it would be advantageous to have a cleanout installed.

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Why Use Sewer Line Cleaning Plumbers?

When should you hire licensed plumber to perform sewer line cleaning?

  • You are inexperienced with sewer snakes or augers
  • You are not sure what type of clog you have
  • You do not know where the clog is located
  • You have a major clog and need it removed quickly

Also, do it yourselfers will often try to user over the counter chemical sewer line cleaning liquids. These usually are not good solutions for removing clogs. With larger or tougher clog, they will be useless. Moreover, chemical drain cleaners can be very harmful to your health, particularly if they are used in kitchen sinks.

Sewer pipe cleaning performed by licensed plumbers are is the recommended option in getting your sewer pipes cleared and working again.

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