• Justin completed replacement of a sump pump promptly, efficiently, and professionally. He arrived on time, communicated well, explained relevant regulations to me, and also willingly assisted with a couple of other minor plumbing issues. The labor rate was reasonable and I am completely happy with the service.

    Charles B, Boulder CO 5 Star Review, BBB, June 15, 2018
  • A gentleman named Kyle at Planet Plumbing did more than efficiently fix a clogged pipe at my place this morning. He noticed the protective film on the front of my super-quiet Bosch dishwasher had never been removed. He asked if I’d prefer seeing a shiny front instead of the etched-glass look. It took several minutes for him to remove the film and now I have what reminds me of a built-in piece of sculpture in my kitchen. Thanks, again, Kyle!

    Sandra E, Boulder CO 5 Star Review, BBB, March 27, 2018
  • Such amazing work! Justin and Mark are the BEST! I called Planet Plumbing at a friend's suggestion after my first plumber was a no-call, no-show. I live in a building where if you want any serious plumbing work done the whole building needs its water shut off. After the first plumber didn't show I called Planet thinking they'd just come out, look at the problem, give me an estimate, and we'd have to schedule another time to have the work done. But Justin and Mark took one look, knew what needed to be done, and had the whole thing fixed in less than an hour and before the scheduled time the water needed to be turned back on. I had been trying to fix this problem for more than a month, dealing with the building's management, trying to find the problem myself, and using different plumbers. I should have called Planet Plumbers FIRST. Justin and Mark did an amazing job, were quick, professional, and were a pleasure to have in my home. They are invited back any time! I will call Planet Plumbing FIRST next time. Lesson learned!

    Sean T, Boulder, CO Positive Review, BBB, January 9, 2018
  • I've used Planet Plumbing & Drain a couple of times before for emergency work. Really like that they are always available and have great pricing. I called Planet Plumbing & Drain to do some plumbing rework at **************************., Tom first came out and gave a very quick and fair estimate to replace some galvanized water pipe with copper. He then came out and did the work we had agreed on. The job took about 6 hours so no small job. The work was done very professional, he had all the needed parts and it was done in one trip. I couldn't have asked for more. I'll continue to use and recommend Tom and Planet Plumbing & Drain to anyone who has a plumbing needed.

    Eastlake Montessori School, Boulder CO Positive Review, BBB, May 30, 2015