pipe repair boulder

Pipe Repair Boulder

Plumbing pipes are not made today like they used to be. Prior to 1970, plumbing pipes consisted of galvanized iron pipes, that over time loses it’s zinc coating and what remains is a iron pipe that rusts and corrodes over time. When this occurs, you need Pipe Repair by a plumbing professional.

Because of a corroded or rusted pipe, your water pressure will drop and the water in your bath tubs and faucets may develop a brown tint color. Your appliances that use water such as the dishwasher, garbage disposal, humidifiers, irons, etc. may be damaged from the rusted water.

If you develop damaged pipes in your home, they need to be replaced with copper or PVC pipes. This is not a simple project, and you will need an experienced pipe plumbing specialist to remove the bad pipes and install the new pipes. After this, you will once again enjoy showers will strong water pressure, clean drinking water, and more appliances that work properly.

Planet Plumbing & Drain can provide an expert evaluation of your pipes if you have low water pressure, rusty water or leaky pipes.

Pipe Leaks

Frozen Pipes Boulder

Ways you can prevent frozen pipes in your Boulder home.

When water freezes it has the force necessary to crack or burst pipes in your residence. Frozen pipes that burst is a emergency plumbing nightmare you do not want.

Tips for preventing frozen pipes

  1. Drain all outdoor water lines such as faucets, pool, and sprinkler lines. Shut off the water to these lines.
  2. Insulate pipes in any unheated areas such as cabinets, under the sink, basements, attics or garages. Pipes in exterior walls that don’t have proper insulation frequently freeze.
  3. During frigid weather let water trickle from your faucets.
    Open cabinet doors under the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom to let heat in to warm the pipes.
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