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Caitlin D., Boulder, CO, 5.0 star rating 1/19/2016

Love these guys. They are easy to get an appointment with, show up on time (or early, with a phonecall!), work quickly, and are extremely friendly and helpful. We used them once when we had some mysterious water pooling in our basement – they figured out where the leak was coming from (crack in our main drainage pipe, yuck) and precisely located where the wall would need to be cut open. They did a great job minimizing how much wall had to be cut, swapped out the cracked pipe for a new one, and contained the mess too. Have not had an issue with it since.

Called them again when we found the pipes under our sink completely corroded through (isn’t it fun owning an old house) and they were able to see us on the weekend to get everything back in working order. No small job considering half the pipes were basically paper-thin from rust and age, and a lot of of the hardware had to be sawed off/replaced since the old pipe could not be completely unscrewed.

Hopefully I won’t need a plumber anytime soon, but if I do I’ll be calling Planet Plumbing!


Lisa C., Boulder, CO, 5.0 star rating 3/10/2016

Very knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. Planet Plumbing is fair, reasonable and professional. Dan and DJ were awesome. We had a main line backup and had an “expert” plumber take a look before finding Planet Plumbing. That “expert” wanted to charge us $450 just to clear the problem drain – not even the main line. He couldn’t find the location of the main drain entrance, and could not provide us with the information that Dan and DJ from Planet Plumbing could. Planet Plumbing came in and figured everything out real quick, and they got the job done fast. We cleared the main line and the problem drain for half the cost of the “expert” plumber. Did I mention, Dan and DJ from Planet Plumbing were friendly, courteous, respectful and great to work with!


Angie P., Denver, CO, 4.0 star rating 2/21/2016

These guys were great. They arrived about 45 minutes past the time they estimated, but they took care of our problem (clogged mainline causing our kitchen sink to back up) in about half an hour. They were really friendly and knew what they were doing, and I can’t say that about every plumber we’ve used! While they do charge a little more than the $99 or so that a lot of plumbers advertise, my experience with those ones is that they milk their time and find more problems that ultimately wind up costing you more money. These guys were worth what we paid, and we will definitely be using them again when we need help.


Nick P., Boulder, CO, 5.0 star rating 8/11/2015

Everything about these guys was great. I had to get two non-urgent repairs done to a bathroom shower and kitchen sink disposal. Steve (owner) handled the initial call and had someone scheduled to be out the next morning.

David showed up within the first 5mins of the 1-hour window they quoted. He did a quick assessment and gave me a free estimate with low and high end amounts depending on if he was able to just fix a part or do a full cut-out and replacement. I had done my research ahead of time and the rates he quoted were absolutely fair (if not cheaper than I expected). He ended up being able to fix the part so we kept the cost down and he knocked out both projects in less than an hour! Great service, I’ll be calling them again for future plumbing needs!


Thomas W., Boulder, CO, 5.0 star rating 10/31/2015

Dave came out on time. Past plumbers treated our basement blockage by snaking a floor drain with a small diameter snake. Dave instead removed our basement toilet and snaked the main all the way to the street with a large diameter snake. Dave said that requires extra effort, a bigger and heavier snake machine to carry to the basement, removing the toilet, but is the right way to fix the problem. His fee was about the same as the two previous ineffective repairs. Dave said he does not want to come back; prefers to fix it right the first time.
We’re very satisfied with Dave, and grateful!


Chase S., Denver, CO, 5.0 star rating 11/1/2015

Planet Plumbing to the rescue. We had a major leak that went from our bathroom directly to our kitchen making both unusable. Sean at Planet Plumbing was able to not only fix our original issue, but identified and fixed 4 other leaks that would have caused us major issues in the next couple of WEEKS (not identified by the other company that we had evaluate the issue). Sean is the definition of a “MASTER PLUMBER” and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking plumbing work. He made a difficult situation totally tolerable, and he was fun to work with. I saw that there are some reviews that say that it is over priced, but we evaluated multiple companies for the same work and we SAVED over $1,300 by going with Planet Plumbing. We will be using them again for all of our plumbing needs!


Judi H., Erie, CO, 5.0 star rating 10/4/2015

They were prompt, professional and answered all of our questions They even sent a master plumber back out to verify that the drains were good but our toilets were getting old and calcified not allowing a swift flush. Definitely would use them again.


Bry Z., Boulder, CO, 5.0 star rating 6/9/2015

I was so nervous finding a plumber in Boulder because of all the mixed reviews. Richard was amazing. This guy climbed behind my water heater, the smallest space you can image to avoid having to remove the doorframe from the wall. I honestly don’t know how he did it. I had to take pictures it was so amazing! Super friendly, fixed the pipe and I can now water my plants again. Highly recommended.

Planet Plumbing & Drain – Boulder, CO, United States. Emerging from behind the water heater. Richard was awesome.


David C., Lafayette, CO, 5.0 star rating 8/5/2015

We were referred to these people by a real estate broker who has had many opportunities to call plumbers. We have now used Planet Plumbing four times and every time they were amazingly quick and the price always seems very fair – – much better than some Boulder companies I won’t name. Last time, when they came to fix a leaky faucet, the faucet was not repairable and so they didn’t charge for the visit. That seems very fair. I am a little surprised to read about a couple of bad experiences people have had, but anyone who has done home plumbing repair themselves knows that it’s very tricky business. We unreservedly recommend Planet Plumbing.


Mark R., San Antonio, TX, 5.0 star rating 6/27/2015

These guys are awesome. Super prompt, super professional, and fair price. They fixed my mangled pipe quickly on a Saturday afternoon, the day before the wife got back in town.


Will G., Boulder, CO, 5.0 star rating 3/5/2015

Couldn’t be happier with the work Planet Plumbing did for me. The company was contracted to install all new plumbing related to a bathroom remodel. The technician (Aaron) was very courteous and professional and got the job done in record time at a cost much less than their competition. Even did some extra plumbing work not in the contract and didn’t charge me an arm and leg for it.

Awesome job Aaron. You will be hearing from us again on all of our future plumbing needs.

Highly recommended.


Ian X., Boulder, CO, 5.0 star rating 9/29/2015

After getting scammed by Rooter Town earlier in the year on sewer line maintenance, I called Planet Plumbing thinking I would need to camera the sewer line and replace the whole thing because it was backed up (for real this time). The guy on the phone was confident that they could snake it. An hour and $185 later, the sewer line blockage was fixed whereas Rooter Town insisted on putting a camera into the line for $500, for no apparent reason beside ripping me off. I haven’t been happier about a flushing toilet since a trip to a remote island in Thailand!


Maryanne R., IAH Airport Area, Houston, TX, 5.0 star rating 4/9/2015

There is nothing worse than a leaky pipe in the middle of the night a day before you are flying to the Master’s in Augusta Georgia. Yikes! So I called Planet Plumbing at 6:30 am this morning and they were at my house by 9:00. Not only did they do a great job they improved the pipe. Taylor was friendly, efficient and knowledgable.

I would recommend them to anyone. Great from the time I made my call through payment. No one likes to pay those bills but in this case I did it with a smile!


Sarah H., Denver, CO, 5.0 star rating 6/25/2015

Planet Plumbing is my go to plumbing company! They are extremely knowledgeable and understand customer service. I have used them for a variety of plumbing needs and they have always been quick and professional. Recently, I had a problem with my water heater. Chris was able to accommodate my schedule and he was very pleasant to talk with on the phone. Richard arrived to assess the problem and went out of his way to help me resolve the issue.

I highly recommend the folks at Planet Plumbing! It is so reassuring to have a dependable plumber! Thanks guys!!!


Cindy M., Boulder, CO, 5.0 star rating 2/19/2015

The toilet in my rental of my turn of last century (circa 1911) Victorian was not filling and the tenant was freaking out! I found Planet Plumbing online and remembered seeing their truck around town. They came over within a few hours and fixed the toilet before the tenant got back from her day. 2 guys came over, David and Taylor, both as friendly and helpful as could be. I thought the price was comparable to other plumbers I have used (though way less expensive than Precision) and well worth it! I would DEFINITELY call Planet Plumbing if I have any other plumbing issues or projects.


Adam D., Boulder, CO, 5.0 star rating 9/30/2014

Had a pipe burst behind one of our walls late at night. Turned off the water and called Planet Plumbing the next morning. We didn’t have an emergency but certainly wanted to get water back on asap. Roy was at the house within 90 min & took care of the problem quickly. I felt their price was very fair & really appreciated the quickness – both show-time and of the work itself. Definitely recommend to others in the Boulder area who need plumbing service.


Mike S., Boulder, CO, 5.0 star rating 6/23/2014

Used Planet for the 1st time today. Not an emergency, but they responded with same day service, quick estimate and performed the work. I do most of my own plumbing work, but this was somewhat advanced, cutting a 4″ cast iron pipe and splicing in a repair. $200. My wife paid Mesa $206 five yrs ago to install a 1/2″ Sharkbite tee when I was in the hospital. I wouldn’t call them or Precision, ever.


Brad B., Boulder, CO, 5.0 star rating 6/5/2014

Just had Planet Plumbing (Taylor) out to fix a main drain back up. Called in the morning, the truck was here in less than1 hr. The plumber was effecient, clean and straightforward, gave us what we really needed and no more. We’ve used other companies in the past, this has been our best experience by far. Next need for plumbing or drain clear we have, I’m calling these folks again.


kristi b., Broomfield, CO, 5.0 star rating 6/5/2014

Called Mike on a Monday morning and he was out by 10 AM. He quoted me prices upfront and we discussed how to proceed. He fixed my clogged toilet line, was in and out for the quoted price. Thanks for the honesty!


S K., Longmont, CO, 5.0 star rating 1/25/2014

I called about 10 a.m., they scheduled me for a window of 1-3 p.m. Mike showed up prepared to do the job and NOT charge me an arm and a leg. Friendly, informative, did a great job and didn’t leave a mess. Made a bad day a whole lot better. I will use them again, but then again, I hope I don’t ever need a plumber again! Very pleased with their customer service AND their prices, and they weren’t too shy to give me a brief estimate over the phone, and also explained the estimate in more detail when they arrived. THAT is the way to do it!


Ken C., Boulder, CO, 5.0 star rating 8/19/2014

I was looking for a new plumber so I went to Boulder BBB and connected with Planet Plumbing. Called to fix a toilet. Same day service, no charge because it was a minor fix. GREAT Service, GREAT Response time. Look forward to working with them again.


Marissa T., Boulder, CO, 5.0 star rating 12/2/2014

I called them on a Saturday & they came out that day. He was nice & they are reasonably priced. I would defiantly use them again.


5.0 star rating 1/20/2014 – Joanna C., Boulder, CO

They do not charge for weekend calls (the first plumber I called was going to charge a weekend service charge on top of any plumbing services), they give a free estimate, and did really great work.
Everything that was done was explained to me and I feel like I was given a fair price on the labor and materials necessary for the job.


5.0 star rating 12/9/2013 – Vanessa M., Denver CO

We had a great experience with “Big Mike” at Planet Plumbing. I called the day before Thanksgiving after our bathtub leaked through our downstairs ceiling. As we had stopped the leak by draining the tub, it wasn’t really an emergency. Mike was able to come out on Friday morning to have a look. We had several other small/medium plumbing jobs that we had been sitting on for about a year, so while he was there, I showed him everything that needed to be done. He was patient and thorough, and scheduled a time early the next week to come by.

Mike spent at least 9 hours working the first day (the downstairs bathroom was a bit of a nightmare whose existing plumbing seemed to have been installed by creative monkeys), and then came back and spent roughly 6 six hours the next day to finish the jobs. He basically fixed and improved the majority of the plumbing in the house. The new plumbing looks very sturdy and expertly installed. Thank you so much to Mike for all your hard work, and for enduring my daughter’s endless questions about “the plumber.”

And to make things even better, the cost was far below what I was expecting. I highly recommend Planet Plumbing, and especially Big Mike!


5.0 star rating 4/23/2013 – Polly P., Denver, CO

I’ve been in my home for 3+ years and have been fortunate to not have any plumbing mishaps until just now.

My neighbor, who has recurring issues with her plumbing, recommended Planet Plumbing. I gave them a call, as well as a couple of other companies.

Right off the bat a 5-star Yelp business quoted me $300 to walk in my door b/c they were sure I needed a high-powered flush in kitchen plumbing.

Planet Plumbing quoted less than 1/2 of that to snake the drain.
I called Steve at 1:30 and they were able to get someone out to me between 5-7.
Chris showed up, reminded me of the prices and set to work. Within minutes I was using my washer and the kitchen drain was flowing.

Chris also advised how I need to care for my kitchen system in order to avoid recurring issues.
And I really did pay what they quoted.

No BS, no fancy techniques – just good work.


5.0 star rating 11/24/2013 – Bruce R., Boulder, CO

I called Planet Plumbing and arranged to have a plumber come and replace a water heater with thermal expansion tank and also install a Watts Instant Hot Water Recirculating System. Mike showed up and was professional, super-competent, tested everything and left the place very clean and tidy. Can’t say enough good about Mike; hadn’t used Planet before but hope all their plumbers are this good.
I provided all the components so it was basically all labor cost. Cost was very reasonable.


5.0 star rating 9/6/2013 – William A, Boulder, CO

Great prices, better service. Had a Saturday night emergency and their prices were comparable to normal weekday prices (no plumber is cheap but they didn’t take advantage of my precarious Saturday night sewage back up situation and gouge me). On top of that, the service call (Mike – he was great) was quick, polite, he was clean and kept the area clean and came up with fast solutions. Ask for Mike!


5.0 star rating 5/10/2013

I needed a fairly minor sump pipe repair to keep my basement from flooding after this spring’s epic rains. I called on a Saturday morning and Mike arrived within a couple of hours. He was friendly and knowledgeable and very clear about the price, and the numbers were quite reasonable compared to other plumbing services. He did excellent quality work and stuck to the estimate. I can’t think of a single thing to complain about — top marks!


5.0 star rating 4/6/2010 – Matthew W., Longmont, CO

I called Planet Plumbing because of the other reviews I found on Google’s business search. PP is also reviewed here. A giant thank you to those of you who took the time to share your experience.

To Planet Plumbing, Steve and Mike, thank you for your honestly and for the work that you did rescuing our sewer line!

So, what happened? It was time for our sewer main to be cleaned out. We do it annually, and decided to try Roto Rooter (for the first time). Four hours after RR arrived their sewer snake was stuck in our tap, 100ft out. Our sewer line was out of commission. Disaster!

We have the line cleaned out and videoed on a yearly basis. The previous owner did the same for decades. We knew that our sewer would need to be replaced eventually, they all do, but we’d been told by several plumbers that we had many years of use left if maintained properly.

RR told me that our line was damaged and there was nothing they could do to get their cable out. Nothing but dig it out at the city tap, which is in the middle of the street.

Get someone else out here, I requested. Put another snake down, I said. RR insisted that nothing could be done but dig. RR’s estimate to restore our sewer: $8,600 for spot digging, nearly $14,000 to replace the entire line. We were livid.

After talking with several other plumbing firms about our failed sewer, all provided estimates in the $10,000 range. We found a firm we liked, and NEARLY gave the go-ahead. But I decided to make one more call.

Having moved down the list alphabetically, next up was Planet Plumbing. I asked Steve for two estimates, one for replacing our tap and one for the entire sewer line.

Instead of providing an estimate, Steve asked for more information. I told him what happened. Steve said he had recovered broken and cut sewer snakes routinely. That he was nearly certain that he could get it out in this case! He added that, likely, there was nothing was significantly wrong with our line once cleared of RR’s cut cable. The cost: $185.

My wife and I had nothing to lose: we were facing a $10,000 expense if we wanted to flush the toilet. Yes, let’s try it!

Steve sent Mike to our house as soon as he had an opening in his schedule. Within 30m he had his snake entirely through our line, through the tap and into the city’s sewer line. It took another 30m to retrieve Roto Rooter’s cable, 30m more to fully rooter our line.

Planet Plumbing saved my family from a $10,000 repair (to say nothing about the landscaping in front of our house).

We can not recommend Planet Plumbing strongly enough: out of all the firms I rang, Steve was the only plumber who insisted that we had an option other than digging.

Thank you, Planet Plumbing! That’s integrity.


5.0 star rating 11/4/2012 – Emily D., Boulder, CO

These guys are amazing! They made time for me and showed up early, were reasonably priced, and super friendly. Will continue to use them for all my plumbing services in the future!


5.0 star rating 4/4/2013 – Marcos B., Boulder, CO

Great work at a reasonable price – needed a gas pipe put in for a new gas dryer; did a great and fast same-day job, with minimal damage to the wall. Gas pipe nicely routed from basement up to laundry room.


5.0 star rating 8/11/2009 – Bo F., Phoenix, AZ

Very good people for emergency services! They respond quickly and get it working again.


5.0 star rating 4/27/2012 – Myrtle S., Boulder, CO

We had a strange problem (flushed the toilet and soon after, sewage bubbled up in the bathtub). Planet Plumbing came out the next morning. The miraculous thing is that the plumber thought it was a fluke and recommended that we not do anything, and he didn’t charge us. Wow. I was stunned. He explained what he thought had happened very clearly and thoroughly, and he discussed the history of the house’s plumbing with my husband and me. Planet Plumbing came highly recommended from a friend… we will call them again the next time there’s a real problem. Scheduling was a snap.


5.0 star rating 9/19/2011 – Sky C., Boulder, CO

Sean was out here within 30 minutes of my call. We needed to re-route the kitchen sink drainpipes in the basement as they were installed wrong – one 8 foot horizontal had NO slope, so it periodically backs up. Sean got the job done for a very reasonable price, plus friendly and we’re happy. I would recommend Planet Plumbling as the #1 choice to anyone.


5.0 star rating 2/14/2012 – Steve L., Littleton, CO

Great guys. Definitely don’t feel like you’re getting ripped off which seems to be more common than not among plumbers. They finished the job and came back to fix an error with no questions asked. Friendly down to earth people. Highly recommended!


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